Innovating in Data-driven Healthcare & Well-being

Investing in Global Health Security & People-centric Trust

  •  To make sense and act upon the new realities in global and public health security and the digital economy and society as they converge in real-time by means of a breakthrough and holistic R&D agenda for action, with the goal of bridging a big data divide between countries, communities and citizens.

  • To build trust in the transformational benefits of shared personal and public health data and health information systems for cost, quality, safety and performance gains, advancing global health security for clinical and medical prevention, detection, treatment and response practices.

  • To develop a framework to enable, govern, and finance open and equitable access to the benefits of research data, mobilizing research knowledge for evidence-based inquiry and science-based policy action to initiate and, most importantly, sustain priority projects of international collaboration.

  • To advance cross-sector coordination and collaboration in standardization, interoperability, policy and regulatory efforts in delivering scalable and sustainable digital health platforms worldwide, where standard platforms will accelerate uptake and makes the power of the network count. Likewise, to seek and support remedies to the global policy incoherence between international human rights law and trade rules in the context of the innovation of, and access to, medicines and health technologies.

  • To unleash the full potential of data-driven innovation and information and communication technologies (ICTs), in developed and developing countries, for multi-stakeholder action in support of the Global Health Security Agenda, the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, and in accelerating achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with especial focus on Goal 3 to “Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages” by 2030. Planetary health for one means global health for all.