Campaigns and Initiatives

Working with Partner Organizations and Corporations

Global and Regional Meetings

Global He@lth 2030:

  • The Mega-Trends
  • A Data-Driven Road-map
  • Health Data Governance
  • Risk Preparedness
  • Supply Chain
  • National Strategies

Digital Platforms & Inter-operability

  • Platform architecture
  • Electronic healthcare records (EHR)
  • Big data analytics
  • Intelligent devices; power;
  • Connectivity; process transformation; diagnostic technologies; and, remote Interventions/analyses

Health Innovation Tracks

  • Next Pandemics and Natural Disasters
  • Every Woman, Every Child
  • HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria
  • Chronic Non-Communicablle Disease (CNDC)
  • Post-antibiotic era
  • Diseases of Climate Change